2022 King Steve Herbert and Queen Kathleen Seixas-Greene

2021 King John Montoya and Queen Kathi Wolfrum

2019 King Minh Nguyen-Vo and Queen Malia Wakinekona-Carlson

2018 King Mike Schaadt and Queen Beth Bachet

2021 King John Montoya and Queen Kathi Wolfrum

2020 King Richard Welsh and Queen Diane Holland

2019 King Minh Nguyen-Vo and Queen Malia Wakinekona-Carlson

2018 King Mike Schaadt and Queen Beth Bachet

2017 King Perry Guerr and Queen Lisa Guerr

2016 King Gary Buss and Queen Lucrecia Jacobson

2015 King Zach Ramirez and Queen Toni O’Donnell

2014 King Richard Leach and Queen Lorin O'Donnell

2013 King Ben Francis and Queen Theresa Francis

2012 King Domino Santro and Queen Miriam Santro

2011 King Steve Skale and Queen Marisa Solomon

2010 King Mitchell Reiter and Queen Jeannie Matthews

2009 King Jack Simmons and Queen Carla Esquivel

2008 King Bret E. Boyd and Queen Annie Donohue

2007 King George Gabric and Queen Regina Ryan

2006 King Paul Ryker and Queen Lydia Jewell

2005 King Lou Mannick and Queen Candice Gawne

2004 King Martin Donohue and Queen Bea Smart

2003 King Courtland Cleaves and Queen Ann Cleaves

2002 King Richard Havenick and Queen Kim M. White

2001 King Ned Heaton and Queen Rebecca Romero


2000 King Bruce Nash and Queen Nancy Utovac

1999 King Marc G. Mendelsohn and Queen Evon Mendelsohn

1998 King George Pugsley and Queen June Smith

1997 King Michael R. Daum and Queen Susan Loftus

1996 King Dennis Trani and Queen Annette McDonald

1995 King Patrick Donohugh and Queen Lisa Kay Marshall

1994 King Clark Faulk, Jr. and Queen Barbara A. Cottom

1993 King Alan Shilling and Queen Melissa Shilling

1992 King Peter Mirich and Queen Kathy Mirich

1991 King Tom Guinn and Queen Esther Bond

1990 King Peter Goemans and Queen Delora Bertsch

1989 King Ben Depentgny and Queen Karen Depentgny

1988 King Anton Svilicich and Queen Alice Turner

1987 King Jerry Naughton and Queen Jerri Naughton

1986 King Hervey Yurak and Queen Mary Croft

1985 King David Fox and Queen Phylis Svilicich

1984 King Allan Johnson and Queen Urlsa Martozke

1983 King Tony Malley and Queen Julie Melwig

1982 King John Burich and Queen Sandy Burich

Picture soon to come

1981 King Bill Samaras and Queen Irene Parkinson

1980 King Ray Falk and Queen Ann Falk

1979 King Tom Schmitz and Queen Jo Ann Schmitz

1978 King Forrest Taylor and Queen Marie Eberhardt

1976 King Albert Rea and Queen Mary Bertsch Samaras

1975 King Jack Carr and Queen Anita Dragovich

1974 King Victor Pappas and Queen Margarethe Hamilton

1969 King David Jones and Queen Margaret Tracy

1964 King Willi Hoefke and Queen Dyna Bertolotti

1961 King Gregory Jilzov and Queen Emily Copp

1959 King Marion Chuka and Queen Trudie Logan

1957 King Joe Anderson and Queen Maria Wahlers

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